By booking a course with or engaging the services of Common Sense Training Ltd you accept to be bound by our latest Terms and Conditions, which are published here ( You should also review our Privacy Notice to understand how we will process your personal data in order to deliver courses/services.


Business customers: A purchase order number or an authorised name is required to secure a course or place individuals on a schedule course. Invoices against the purchase order or for the attention of the authorised name are payable within 30 calendar days.

Individuals: All applicable course fees must be paid in full at the time of booking the course.

Bookings are not confirmed until the above terms of payment have been met.


Common Sense Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel a course or service delivery, but will endeavour to provide no less than 7 calendar days notice. In the event of cancellation we will try to transfer your booking to the next mutually convenient date. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to course cancellation.

If the booking is cancelled by you before commencement of the course/service delivery or you do not attend the course then payment is still due based on the following sliding scale.

Calendar DaysPayment Due
More than 2110%
15 – 2125%
8 – 1450%
7 or less100%

Late Arrival/Absenteeism

To ensure we conform to requirements set out by the Awarding Organisations and/or Government Regulatory Bodies attendance at all sessions is mandatory. If you arrive late for a course, or are absent from any session, we reserve the right to refuse to accept you for training if we feel you will gain insufficient knowledge or skill in the time remaining.

In all such cases, the full course/service fee remains payable.


We reserve the right to refuse an individual the right to partake in a course where they are exhibiting unruly or anti-social behaviour toward any other individual partaking in the course or other individuals in the delivery location. You will be asked to leave immediately and the full course/service fee will remain payable.


The course and assessments are conducted in English. Some courses require you to pass written, verbal and/or practical assessments in order to receive a certificate confirming you meet the standards required. If you fail to meet the standards defined certification will not be issued and you will have to pay a re-assessment fee.

Some courses require demonstration of physical skills. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are free from any condition which would affect your capability to complete the physical elements of a course. We would also advise you to wear suitable clothing for the course.

Some courses have eligibility criteria e.g. minimum age of 16/18 and/or other pre-requisites to be met. You will be asked for evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria and/or pre-requisites. A refund will not be issued if we are unable to accept you on a course because you fail to meet the eligibility criteria and/or pre-requisites of the course.

We are committed to equality and will ensure that we do not unfairly exclude the assessment needs of a particular individual. We will determine whether it is appropriate to make a:

  • Reasonable adjustment or
  • Special consideration

In order for us to provide the most suitable solution please contact us in advance of the course/service delivery to discuss your requirements.


We reserve the right not to issue course certification whilst an invoice remains unpaid.

Requests for copy certificates of courses completed must be made in writing at which point the charges will be confirmed as these vary based on the level of the qualification and the Awarding Organisation.

Client Site Delivery

If the course or service is to be delivered at your own premises the premises must meet acceptable health and safety standards and be conducive to learning. Please ensure that there is sufficient space, floor surfaces, seating, writing surfaces, toilet facilities, ventilation, lighting, heating, access, exits, cleanliness and absence of distracting noise. Please bear in mind that practical demonstration/participation is required in all courses.

Pool based courses require sufficient pool time to allow for the teaching of, practice and assessment of skills taught, therefore you should discuss pool time availability with our trainers prior to booking a course at your premises.

If you are unsure please contact us for advice.


If you have any queries regarding course content, eligibility criteria, your booking or payment we recommend you email us in order to receive a prompt response.




We trust that you will have an enjoyable learning experience with us. If you have any concerns regarding your course/service delivery please raise this on the course in the first instance so that we can attempt to address your concerns immediately.

If you are not satisfied with the response please contact us at allowing us 14 business days to investigate your query.


The terms “we”, “us” or “our” shall refer to Common Sense Training Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 11349758. Our registered office is Rowan House, Hill End Lane, St. Albans, AL4 0RA. Our correspondence address is Common Sense Training Ltd, 31 Denmark Street, Watford, WD17 4YA.

The terms “you”, “your”, “client”, “business customer(s)”, “individual(s)” shall refer to an a person or company entering into a contact with Common Sense Training Ltd for the provision of services offered by Common Sense Training Ltd.

Version 1.2 (15th June 2021) – Updated correspondence address
Version 1.1 (26th March 2019) – Updated cancellation fee applies for more than 21 days.
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