What we provide

We provide businesses with solutions to help them stay safe and compliant in a methodical and straightforward way

All businesses are affected by health and safety, no matter the size. The best way to make health and safety effective is through integration and culture within the business. We can help you do this through our services, not scare or bully you, but support you through the process so the result is you can self -manage and grow. This is especially important in an environment where business needs to rapidly adapt to ever evolving guidance relating to COVID -19.

Male holding a safety first sign

Who we are

Your cost-effective solution

Common Sense Training Ltd and Tall Man Solutions Ltd are two companies that have many years of experience in safety management and training knowledge to offer simple, cost effective options to you as a business.

In partnership they bring operational and support experience derived from more than 35 years working with in the public, private and charitable sectors. The primary objective of the partnership is offering cost effective solutions to business and face to face contact.

How we work

Simple and practical approach delivered through open, honest communication

By meeting you and by talking to you we can understand the needs of your company and staff, giving you a bespoke package that meets your needs. We can provide training and support for staff and the qualifications you and the staff need to operate.

If you want ongoing support, we offer an annual audit that looks at how you have implemented what is needed and a full report and action plan of what you need to do.

  • If we cannot help you, we will tell you.
  • If you do not need us, we will tell you.

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