Health and Safety – The two words most business worry about.
The key is do not fear them.

The aim of what we do is to take the myth and confusion away. We apply a pragmatic and practical approach based on open dialog. As a service we want to support business with being ready and being in control of their own health and safety.

  • We do not scare you
  • We do not lock you into contracts

Three interlocking hands supporting each other

What we do is provide you with the information, tools and a plan for you to move and manage the health and safety of your business. We do this through:

  • Site visits – This is to look at where you are and an informal review of what you have
  • Initial review – This is where we review what you have in place and what needs to be done
  • Report and recommendations
  • Annual Audits – You will be provided with a visit and full report with an action plan

If you do not know where to start do not panic – we can review what you need, provide you with the tools and plan to get you going.

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