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Our Managing Director, Kelly Jagger, is a qualified trainer for the Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy (P.A.L.M.) and has many years of hands-on practical experience in leisure centre operations.

P.A.L.M. have combined high quality qualifications and training programmes, with a range of developmental and support seminars. All of the Pool Plant Operations courses are based upon “Swimming Pool Water and Quality Standards” (the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group Handbook (PWTAG) and comply fully with their swimming pool water quality standards

The Small Pool Operators Certificate are now endorsed by the only Institute that concerns itself wholly with the design, build and operation of swimming pools; the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers.


Small Pool Operators Certificate
The most successful version of pool plant operations training. This qualification has been specifically designed for the operators of school; hotel; theme park and leisure club pools. It covers everything from legal responsibilities and water supplies, to water testing and chemical controls. A very practical, technical but understandable course.
2 day course
Pool Plant Operators Certificate
This course covers in great depth the operation of larger swimming pools, and those that operate on a year round basis.
  • Legislation and documentation
  • Water sources, pollution and cleanliness
  • Pool design and hydraulics
  • Mechanical processes
  • Chemical processes
  • Water testing standards and frequencies
  • Chemical storage and handling
  • Spa pools
The “must have” qualification for those people responsible for the operation of swimming pool plant and its associated installations.
3 day course
Pool Water Testing Certificate
The basics of testing swimming pool water, and understanding what the test results mean, is an integral part of the lifeguards role in many venues. This one day course provides a very practical opportunity to learn this important task.
½ day course